Keyboard Theory, 2nd Edition: Basic Rudiments

Grace Vandendool
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Grace Vandendool's thorough approach to keyboard theory offers students easy-to-understand lessons and plenty of reinforcement activities. The progressive Preparatory Series and Theory Series include visual aids that strengthen the connection between theory and practice, laying the groundwork for success in the study of harmony. For intermediate to late-intermediate level students, this series enriches the study of piano by clearly explaining the building blocks of music. Students learn the basic elements of music theory, with concepts organized into three progressive levels with Answer Books for Intermediate and Advanced. Basic Rudiments addresses notes, rests, and values; accidentals; semitones and tones; major and minor scales; key signatures; identifying the key of a melody; intervals; triads; simple time; transposition; common terms and signs; analysis; melody writing; and rhythmic dictation.

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Author Grace Vandendool
Pages 176
Published year 2010
Publisher RCM Publishing
ISBN 978-1-55440-261-8

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