Piano Etudes Level 4

The Royal Conservatory
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Discover The Royal Conservatory's Celebration Series®, Sixth Edition piano books, a collection of graded repertoire and etudes that will inspire students at every level. Carefully curated and edited to support teachers and students in artistic and technical development, this 22-book series provides an engaging compilation of music—from beloved classics to newly commissioned works. New to this series are never-before published works from popular Canadian and US composers that will enhance the musical journey. Each book includes high-quality recordings, easily accessible online, to inspire students and teachers.

Experience the richness of Piano Etudes 4, where compositions by famous etude composers intertwine with character pieces by contemporary composers. This blend of compositions encourages musical exploration and supports students in practicing their technical skills across all levels.

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Level Level 4
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Pages 24
Published year 2022
Publisher The Royal Conservatory
ISBN 978-1-55440-946-4


Etude in E Minor, op. 65, no. 42

Carl Albert Loeschhorn

Chastushka, op. 89, no. 25

Dmitri Kabalevsky


Linda Niamath

The Lonely Traveller

Evelyn Glennie

Etude in C Major, op. 65, no. 5

Theodor Kirchner

A Frightening Experience, op. 98, no. 11

Aleksandr Grechaninov

Dewdrops, op. 33, no. 12

Samuel Maykapar

The Somersault King

Mike Schoenmehl

Parade of the Penguins

André Previn

Ballade, op. 100, no. 15

Johann Friedrich Burgmüller

Cloud Dance

Maria Case


Joyce Grill

The Avalanche, op. 45, no. 2

Stephen Heller

The Spies

Jean Coulthard


Kevin Olson

When the Planets Are Aligned

Nancy Telfer

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