Violin Technique, Etudes, and Musicianship 5-8, 2021 Edition

The Royal Conservatory
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Carefully selected and curated to support teachers and students in their artistic and technical development, the Violin Series, 2021 Edition includes pieces from a diverse range of eras and styles that represent stepping stones to major violin repertoire. Each level is constructed to link repertoire selections to necessary techniques and corresponding etudes, while illustrating step-by-step connections for developing core skills.

Building upon previous levels, Violin Technique, Etudes, and Musicianship 5–8 expands technical exercises to include three-octave scales and arpeggios, chromatic scales, dominant 7th and diminished 7th arpeggios, one-octave flageolets, and a mix of one- and two-octave double-stop chords consisting of thirds, sixths, and octaves. Etudes range from those by traditional composers to modern commissions that explore unique technical concepts.

Comprehensive musicianship skills are further developed through sight-reading passages where students encounter double stops, left-hand pizzicato, artificial harmonics, and a variety of articulations and position work within keys of up to four sharps or flats in simple or compound time. Ear training exercises focus on intervals, chords, chord progressions, clapbacks and playbacks.


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Level Level 5 - Level 8
ISBN 978-1-55440-912-9


Grande valse-ballet – Harold Birston  

Agitation – Yaakov Geringas  

Etude in C Major, op. 20, no. 1 – Heinrich Ernst Kayser  

Jolly Rondo – Susan Griesdale  

Melodious Double Stops No. 10 – Josephine Trott  

Etude in F Major, op. 32, book 2, no. 22 – Hans Sitt  

Etude in C Major, op. 45, book 2, no. 42 – Franz Wohlfahrt  

Dancing Digits – Christine Gale  

El cascabel (The Little Bell) – Lorenzo Barcelata, arr. Curtis J. Stewart 

Prelude – Mary Cohen  

Serpentine Scales – Harold Birston  

Etude in G Major – Enrico Polo  

Etude in A Minor, op. 45, book 2, no. 47 – Franz Wohlfahrt  

Etude in D Major, op. 74, book 2, no. 44 – Franz Wohlfahrt  

Tongue Twister – Yaakov Geringas  

Etude in G Major, op. 45, book 1, no. 28 – Franz Wohlfahrt  

Vigorously, op. 36, no. 10 – Jacques Féréol Mazas  

Cave of the Winds (March and Two-step) – R. Nathaniel Dett, arr. Kelly Parkins-Lindstrom  

Etude in A Minor, op. 20, no. 26 – Heinrich Ernst Kayser  

Etude No. 2 in C Major – Rodolphe Kreutzer  

Etude No. 3 in C Major – Rodolphe Kreutzer  

Wild Fire – Mary Cohen  

Etude No. 7 in D Major – Rodolphe Kreutzer  

Melodious Double Stops No. 17 – Josephine Trott  

Love My Mum – Yaakov Geringas  

Smoky River – Christine Donkin  

Etude in E flat Major, op. 20, no. 15 – Heinrich Ernst Kayser  

Etude in C Major, op. 20, no. 33 – Heinrich Ernst Kayser  

Exercise in A Minor, op. 37, no. 3 – Jakob Dont  

On Singing Tones, op. 36, no. 7 – Jacques Féréol Mazas  

Exercise in A Major, op. 37, no. 9 – Jakob Dont 

Ronde villageoise, op. 36, no. 30 – Jacques-Féréol Mazas 

Caprice in C Major, op. 3, no. 3 – Federigo Fiorillo  

Cantabile una corda, op. 3, no. 14 – Federigo Fiorillo  

Homage to the Red River – Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk  

Etude No. 15 in B flat Major – Rodolphe Kreutzer  

Barcarolle – Christine Donkin 

Lift Every Voice and Sing! – J. Rosamond Johnson, arr. Curtis J. Stewart  

Polonaise in G Major, op. 36, no. 26 – Jacques Féréol Mazas  

Finger Exercise, op. 36, no. 54 – Jacques Féréol Mazas  

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